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E&P Heatmap commentary

posted Dec 21, 2011, 8:58 PM by Jeff Davies
The E&P Heatmap at the close today can't tell a more straightforward story...

above 50, 100, 200 dma - CLR, PXP, CVX, NOG, KOG, AREX,  a few of which are within 10% of 52-week highs

below 50, 100, 200 dma - PVA, ECA, BBG, CHK, SWN, CRZO, SD, NFX, a handful of which are within 10% of 52-week lows

Its worked for a bit now, but the long oil / short gas trade may be the gift this holiday season that keeps on giving.  Forget scaring your children with the thought of Santa leaving a lump of coal, if you really want to keep them in line, tell them Santa leaves natty gas for the really bad kids.